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The Oath of Hippocrates

                    The Oath of Hippocrates 

Adapted to Psychology

 John H. Diepold Jr., Ph.D.
(copyright 2006)

I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred:


That I will be loyal to the profession of psychology,

just to its members, and supportive of its institutions;


That I will lead my life and practice my art

in uprightness and honor;


That I will give respect and gratitude

to those who have taught me this art;


That into whomever’s confidence I shall enter,

it shall be for the good of the individual.

In so doing, to the utmost of my power,

holding myself unapproachable from wrong,
from corruption,

and from the tempting of others to vice;


That I will exercise my skills and training

for the best care of my patients,

and I will give no assistance or perform any treatment

for criminal purpose,

even if solicited and far less suggest it;


That whatsoever I shall see or hear
of the lives of my patients,

which is not fitting or appropriate to be spoken,

I will keep inviolably secret.


These things I do promise upon my honor.