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The HAT Foundation

The Heart Assisted Therapy Foundation


The Heart Assisted Therapy Foundation (HATF) is a non-profit entity designed solely to acquire funding to support research on the components and effectiveness of Heart Assisted Therapy.  The HATF is a 501- c (3) corporation, which allows contributions to HATF to be tax-deductible as a charitable non-profit organization.

What is Heart Assisted Therapy?

Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT) is a mindful, gentle, and holistic mind-body-energy model of psychotherapy. The HAT approach is a hybrid model that integrates and synthesizes traditional psychotherapy models with energy science. This dynamic and humanistic approach incorporates "Awareness Streaming" in concert with the body’s innate electro-physiology, heart energy, and respiration to facilitate healing and stabilizing shifts in emotion, sensation, cognition, and behavior.  HAT has been beneficially used with a wide variety of psychological conditions including trauma/PTSD, anxiety/phobia, depression, loss/grieving, sport and performance issues, self-regulation issues, anger/stress management, and pain management.  John H. Diepold, Jr., Ph.D., licensed psychologist, is the originator and developer of HAT and very committed to studying and sharing the benefits of this promising and helpful intervention.

Mission Statement

At this time (Phase One), the HATF exists solely as a vehicle to study the efficacy of HAT in the psychotherapy process and the HAT three-step self-regulation protocols (HAT-SR), which have evolved and are used independently by anyone for their personal needs.  Completed research findings will be made public via professional presentations and published articles in professional journals.  A brief synopsis of every research project will also be posted on the Heart Assisted Therapy website ( during and after completion of the studies.  The longer- range goal (Phase Two) is to demonstrate that HAT and the HAT-SR protocols can be successfully employed by both professionals and laypersons respectively for the purpose of restoring emotional stability, healing, self-regulation, health maintenance, and performance excellence across various community and medical settings.

Research Venues

Research venues will include university-based studies (e.g., University of Arizona) and independent research by clinicians and users of HAT and HAT-SR across various settings (e.g., medical facilities, clinical offices, schools) in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Tax-deductible Contributions

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to The Heart Assisted Therapy Foundation. Regardless of the size of your charitable contribution, it will be appreciated and help us move forward in funding the costs of research. 

Makes checks payable to: The Heart Assisted Therapy Foundation
Mailing Address: 703 E. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057 (Attention: Dr. John Diepold)

Or use this electronic payment link:  

Thank you!

HATF Board of Directors

John H. Diepold, Jr., Ph.D.  Licensed Psychologist 

Julia A. Snyder, M.D.  Family Medicine Physician 

Joseph R. Condo, M.S., J.D.  Attorney at Law

Roger Poire, Ph.D.  Licensed Psychologist

Frank P. Filipps  Financial Consultant (Retired)